Equipping Christian Men for Richer Relationships

A Recovery Coach made this statement to a client.
“You developed an addiction because you have a hole in your heart. And, you’re trying to fill it.”

I thought, What does it mean to have a “hole in your heart?”

When I think of the HEART, I immediately think:

Your HEART is the place of love, relationship, and passion.

The expression “a hole in your heart” must really mean you have old, unmet, love needs.

My next thought was this:

The client being addressed must be low in three areas. Those areas include love, relationship-connecting, and passion.

If, you are made for love, by love, and to love, then your heart needs lots of rich-deep-love to operate.

But, what if you’ve never known rich-deep-love, wonderful-relationship-connecting, or fiery-passion? Then, you will live with “a hole in your heart” or, pray for wisdom and a bigger relationship vision?

Then, you keep:




and, growing.

Remember, you are part of a grand, eternal, love story. And, this life is where you get to practice loving, connecting, and living passionately.


Pursue God’s love story, work on emotional growth, and remember: you are made for love, by love, and to love. Amen


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